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Status: Proposal
April 16, 2012

Measure video, electromagnetic signals and position to make an Electromagnetic Smog Map

All around is there are electromagnetic fields. Sometimes we have no idea on what frequency or the patern of these signals. The idea is to create a art project where we measure the signals against their position and see if that start making sense.

For the equipment, I'm thinking of using the revised E-smog meter published in Elektor 7/8 2012 (TAPIR). The audio output of that device is allready interesting - it is like adding a new dimension to the surroundings you see. Position is also not a problem; a smartphone will do or another available GPS module. In the end you can think of a map with positions and the smog sound at that place.

You might ask how useful this all is - that is why I call it 'art'. Art can be anything and everywhere and it doesn't have to make sense.

Join in please!

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The popular TAPIR, an E-smog detector

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