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FPGA extension board [130148-I]

Status: Finished
February 13, 2013

Extension board for the Elektor FPGA module 120099-91 designed by three German students from the University of Regensburg. The board measures 100x145 mm and is therefore a little bit smaller than a Eurocard.

The board sports the following peripherals:

  • 1 LCD (2 lines by 16 characters)
  • 4 pushbuttons
  • 4 user LEDs
  • 1 rotary encoder with integrated pushbutton
  • 1 GPS module (Maestro A2035-H)
  • 1 color sensor (KPS-5130PD7C)
  • 1 pressure sensor (MPX4115)
  • 1 NTC temperature sensor
  • 3 Analog inputs
  • 7 Digital inputs/outputs (GPIO)
  • 5V power supply
  • 3V3 power supply
  • A small prototyping area

The board can be powered directly from the FPGA module (if the application is not too current hungry), or from an external power supply (up to 12V).

The GPS module can be replaced by an external module or the board can be connected to a PC using a standard FTDI cable.

A little demo program shows most of the board's functions.

Update 17/12/2013: video!


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Board showing temperature (raw value)

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