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Home Automation with XBee modules

Status: Proposal
May 17, 2013

The goal of this domotica project is to create a wireless home automation project using ZigBee protocol with XBee modules as radio and Pic as microcontroller and Raspberry-Pi als controlling and logging inteligence.

  • First stage is to construct a 4-channel light switch/Dimmer system. Containing a 4-channel triac dimmer/switch board, a controller for the dimmer board and a remote control for commanding all the nice.
  • Second stage is a automated door for the chicken house to protect them agains nightly visits of the foxes.
  • Thirth stage is an individual on/of swicht powered on 240V and so small it fits in a normal wall-switch-box And many many other things.....


I will be adding the developement of the project in separate contributions so that the the readability will bee better.

Contributions: (attention contributions in reverse order)

  • 1.1. The triac dimmer/switch principe (17/05/2013)
  • 1.2. The triac dimmer/switch Practical realization. (18/05/2013)
  • 1.3. How a dimmer works (27/05/2013)
  • 2.1. Zero-pass-detection (21/06/2013)

Comming soon:

  • 2.2. Phase-control with the PIC-18

To be continued soon.....

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Controller+Dimmer on the test

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