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home nodes

Status: Proposal
September 10, 2016
home nodes are designed to facilitate everyday. It consists of a set of sensors for humidity, position, acceleration etc. Sensor devices are spatially allocated each on a fixed point of interest. Sensor data are sent either periodically or at pre configured set point value violations etc. Measured data of one period, like last day or week, are stored volatile and are sent in bulk to safe power needed for RF. The measurement and transmission intervals are configurable. Data are transmitted wireless (RF) in the 868 MHz (SDR) respectively 915 MHz (ISM) frequency band. Devices are equipped with RS-485 transceivers (CAN, etc.) alternatively. Preferred underlying protocol is 802.15.4 based, like ZigBee®, LoRa, etc. On top of this, MQTT-SN or CoAP is working. Due to high availability of Bluetooth® Technology, some sensors are equipped alternatively with this RF front end at 2.4 GHz. Why such another home control? Reasons are manifold. First, it is completely open source (hardware, software, drawings). In addition it makes sensor devices available which are not yet on the market. Furthermore transmit and receive intervals are completely user configurable. Electric smog caused by the nodes can be reduced to the minimum and completely prevented for e.g. night time. It adds sensors and actors to an already installed home automation system when it allows adding of 3rd party devices.
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