Designing (almost) lossless diodes and rectifiers with so called "Ideal Diode Controllers" from Linear Technology

Nearly everyone of us is using diodes without wondering about
diode losses. But this is very important especially when designing high current, low voltage
applications like paralleling solar modules or Li-Ion accus.
To minimize such losses, the company Linear Technology developed so called "Ideal Diode Controllers", which I want to introduce in this (Learning) project.
In my video you can see how these controllers are working. I show you there the ideal diode controllers LTC4357 and the LT4320 (for bridge rectifiers).
I also attached the schematics and layout files (in Eagle and pdf format) for the LTC4357, and two schematics and layouts for the LT4320 (one for SMD version and one for THT version).
I also added the LTSpice simulation files.