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LPC810 with PCF8563 I²C Real-Time Clock

Status: Finished
June 4, 2013

A little circuit to try out the built-in I²C driver of the LPC810. Thanks to the Switch Matrix the I²C interface can be connected to the few available pins of the LPC800 Mini Kit board. The I²C driver is used in polling mode.

The on-board LED flashes once per second, clocked from the LPC810's internal timer, not the RTC. The RTC time is read once per second and transmitted on the serial port (115200n81). Its century bit is not used.

The RTC can be adjusted over the serial port by sending a string of the format hh mm ss dd MM yy D<CR><LF>, where:

  • hh = hours
  • mm = minutes
  • ss = seconds
  • dd = day
  • MM = month
  • yy = year
  • D = weekday (Sunday = 0, Saturday = 6)

The serial port is compatible with a 3V3 FTDI cable.

The software is an Eclipse project based on the LPC812 LPCXpresso LPCware library but adapted for the LPC810 Mini Kit. It must be compiled for release mode, otherwise the executable will not fit.


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