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Markus Reschka

Multi channel isolated Smart Energy Meter for Distribution board

Status: Proposal
June 23, 2013

I want to monitor my energy consumption as detailed as possible. This means I would like to monitor each wire leaving the distribution board individually. Some time ago I read about the Maxim DS8102 / MAXQ3108 chipset and think this would be ideally suited.

My idea is: One of the DS8102 per wire sample the data in a very small package. This will have only 4 pins (L in, L out and 2 N) and will use a shunt as current sensor. The data of this Dual Delta-Sigma Modulator and Encoder is manchester encoded. This makes it possible to transmit the data either using insulation capacitors or even more secure using a (mini-) toslink transmitter having optical insulation.

A central data aggregator (outside of the distribution board) then does the neccessary calculations. As it will have to handle many channels simultaneously and will have to do all the maths this might have to be a FPGA. This will then transmit the data to a microcontroller/soc/rpi which transmits the data to the open source energy monitoring server of the OpenEnergyMonitor project(

The problem is that I do not have enough experience for designing the sensor PCB. I would really appreciate help and/or ideas.

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