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Guenter Klomann

MYC, a universal system to control devices and programs

Status: Proposal
May 9, 2012

MYC is a modular system to control devices and programms

- User interface, logic, commmunication and controlled devices / programs are separate modules. -

MYC is starting as an (ISO Layer) top down design, the protocol describes functions, but nothing about the lower communication layers.

- The major intention of a MYC system is to intergrate and conrol system with different protocols using a common interface and to have a simple way to add new devices/programs by an announcement method.

- The system is in a very early state, no hardware exists yet

- The examples in the documentation are based on amateur radio, because this is my hobby. Nevertheless the MYC  system can be used to control (nearly) everything

For german documentation see

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