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Op-Amp Amplifier and Filter Prototype PCB

Status: Proposal
April 26, 2016 , Latest update: April 30, 2016
I never find it easy to build op-amp prototypes using surface mount components. One can buy an adapter PCB that converts SM to through hole pins compatible with 0.1inch breadboards or prototype boards. But it is still difficult to wire up the resistor and capacitor networks and the decoupling capacitors in order to achieve the performance of a PCB.
So I've designed a generic amplifier/filter board for surface mount components that can be fitted to a 0.1inch grid compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi breakout boards. The circuit can be configured as an inverting, non-inverting or differential amplifier; filter capacitors can be added or set up as a Sallen-Key filter. The amplifier can be powered from single or dual rail supplies.

The Op-Amp U1 has a SOT23-5 footprint that is compatible with many single op-amps such as  LM7321, LMC7101, OPA348, OPA192, TLV271, MCP6001, MCP601, MCP6L71, MCP6L01, AD8613, LT6003 etc.

LM7321 is a favourite of mine as it can drive long wires without instability making it suitable as a remote buffer for sensors or analog drivers.
I may have some spare PCBs if anyone wants to try out a project; let me know in the comments.

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