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PIC dev board (with programmer)

Status: Proposal
November 29, 2012

This Pic developmentboard, which still needs a new name, is 'based' on a arduino.
An arduino is a little board with a microcontroller on it (usualy 2, 1 for programming and 1 for for learning/developing/etc).
Most pic development board need an external programmer,
that is why i chose to add a pickit 2 (with reduced functioning) to the board so that you not only can program the PIC on the development board but also external PIC's of EEPROMS from microchip.
How i will implement this is still unknow, probably using a 4-Dipswitch or some headers.

The chose of the PIC will depend on what has as most functions as possible and is easely placed on the board so that all the i/o's will be available using (fe)male headers.

Update 1: the pickit 2 clone has been tested and found to be working properly (on a breadboard that is), i'm waiting for a first test on print until the 'final' design of the programmer is there.

Update 2: changed some values and some wireing while testing the programmer, update of the shematic will come soon. 

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Working Programmer on breadboard
Working programmer on breadboard

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