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Raspberry PI-IO BOARD

Status: Proposal
April 4, 2013
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3 PDF documents have as their goal to help you implement the Raspberry Pi In fact, there are many tutorials on the Internet, but they do not cover all the issues that can arise during the first use .

The first paper "Preparing the operating system" will help you start the Rasperry IP and update the operating system.

The 2nd paper "Software Installation", you familiar with linux commands consoles by installing software.

The 3rd paper "Programming" will help you to program in Python, C and JAVA inputs and outputs (GPIO connector 26 pin Raspberry PI) .the 3rd documents is now ready to download.


The electronic board includes:

- LCD display 2x16 characters

- A driver MAX3232 to manage asynchronous serial communication

- A temperature sensor I ² C: DS1621

- A 4 analog to digital converter inputs (ADC) and DAC output I ² C: PCF8591

- A potentiometer test to verify the analog to digital conversion.

- A HE10 (analog inputs) - A test pushbutton (active high logic level)

- 2 LED test (active high logic level)

- A 3.3V regulator




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the IO Board

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