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Rebuild Project? I Search (from Elektor jear 2006) "Chamäleon" FPGA Module + experimenter-board(all finished assemblied)

Status: Proposal
June 7, 2012
I search (from "Elektor" jear 2006): "Chamäleon" FPGA Module + experimenter-board(all finished assemblied), see (under 'search') EPS-Number 050370-91. It shall be good soldered and fully operative too. It shall to be relatively inexpensive! The article is to refer to the source relevant to: pdf-dokuments D060322.pdf, D060318.pdf, 050370-PCB, 040477-13.pdf asf. Please answer in foreseeable time, thank you for your labours in advance! Salute, Strippenstrolch02
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