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Reef Tank Automation

Status: Proposal
May 8, 2012

Automation of reef tank necessary devices with options depending of equipment Minimum base is automation of 220Vac outputs for: - at least three output for hours programmes lights, possibly hqi lights si careful with rush current - at least one output for filtering pumps, - at least four outputs for water moving - at least one output for water heating - at least one output for water cooling - précision water température measuring (waterproof) - at least ne output for calcium addending - at least ne output for revarse osmosis water adding water valve - at least inputs for controlling allé above outputs plus time dépendent controlling plus inputs for preparing tanks water level control Options must be at least: - dimmable current controlled outputs for lighting power les ramps - programmable outputs for other functions - multiple programmable outputs for each base functions - remote control from computer - gateway for smartphone remote monitoring and control (careful with security contrôle access) - interface with standard domotic gateways such as zibase or zwave other domotic gateways - any other good idea for option

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