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Shield for Elektor UNO R4

Status: Proposal
July 25, 2016 , Latest update: July 25, 2016
Now I have received my R4, and what is needed? A shield for development of applications with the R4.
Therefore, I have an Eagle Library created a blank shield for R4.
Also an extension of the ICSP connector is included for programming the R4.
This ICSP connector can be removed if it requires the use.

Please check:
In contrast to the Arduino UNO here the ICSP connector is turned down (Pin1 shows the connector K7 outwards).
In the circuit diagram some pin names are matched to the circuit diagram from Elektor 06/2016,
or the circuit diagram from the project UNO R4 V1.2 so that the functions of the ports are clearly recognized on the shield.
Attention in this case if the ICSP connector application removed due, then to be placed back.

The grid in the Eagle parts library: 0,005inch
- Standard Grid may be for part placement 0,05inch (for fast wide placement of components in the circuit)
- 0,005inch for plug pins K
- For ICSP connector pins 0,005inch
- Mounting holes 0,005inch

The reference for the creation was the shield for Arduino UNO from Eagle Library E14_Arduino_revB.lbr; downloaded from:

I hope it all fits extent.
Please contact me, the placement should not be exactly then I change immediately,
or can even be carried out (a short note would also be glad herein).

Of course, these lbr is freely downloadable for everyone to use.
No liability is accepted for any malfunctions, however.
I've created with current knowledge and conscience these lbr files.
So please check before using.
Have fun with the great development module Elektor UNO R4 and its shields.


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