ESP32-S3 internet radio with many extras

WiFi or Ethernet connection, can be selected at start-up


With Ethernet connection, local ESP32 network to operate internet radio

Network: ESP32webradio

Password: ESP32pswd



75 preset radio stations possible

About 50 completed


4” TFT Touch screen

burn-in protection


Local time

local time zone can be looked up via web page:


Specification Time Zone with TZ:



mp3 player

plays mp3 files randomly.

More than 5000+ files


Advanced EC11 - rotary encoder – signal processing.

Only 1 ESP32 GPIO input per EC11

absolutely interference-free


Control via

web page -> smartphone / desktop PC / laptop conveniently in the office or workplace

2 rotary encoders

touch screen


Once programmed, all settings can be adjusted via web page:

Network ssid

Network password

local time zone

ntp server

freely selectable IP address (within range of your own router)


Excellent sound quality thanks to:



With volume and equalizer(webpage) control


Easy to build


To avoid problems with incompatible library updates

used libraries available on Github page


Internet_ETH_WiFi.bin file present on Github page can easily be programmed in the ESP32 with <esptool.py>

ALWAYS a working software version


Manual and software see Github