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Jens Middendorf

Versatile Control for RC-Car Lighting and Auxiliary Functions

Status: Proposal
February 8, 2013
I'd like to build a system that allows me to provide my RC cars with an so-called "Scale" lighting system and also can control some other functions with less channels from the remote. The reason i do not want to use readily available Systems are: - Most of them do not have indicators that work like real ones. They just blink while your wheels are off center. - Those that do have real indicators have trouble with brake and reversing. They usually try to emulate the motor controllers behaviour, which almost never does work: those that estimate the ESCs actions correct have insufficient functions (like that from elektor), those with functions don't show correct lights. - Most controls have not all the light functions i want. - My cars have body and chassis lights, i need a two-part unit to be able to separate them. Readily available units need me to run a bunch of wires from the body to the chassis, making separation for service a trouble. I would like to have a small 4- or 5-pin connector, that requires an 'intelligent' body unit. - My cars at least have a servo switchable gear. I want to control that, too, just like on flying RC's: with a "fly phase" switch that sets up gears, diff's and lighting - I want a single cell lipo monitor built in, for at least 4S, maybe up to 6S. It should use the lighting to signal its state. - I use a hacked 8-channel pistol grip remote. It has only 2 analog functions, the other 6 channels are pseudo analog: click buttons on the Tx, standard servo signals on the Rx. This limits the usability, but my car unit should compensate that. - I want to include a lot of BECs to supply different units of my car with different voltages. The standard servos need 6V 2A, my steering needs to have 7.5V 10A, i need a 8V 0.5A aux power for the ESC, the original Rx needs 5-6V 0.2A, the control unit 5 or 3.3V (i prefer 5) at approx. 1-2A because of the lights. All BECs should be enabled by a ~6V signal, H=on. - All this in a compact, lightweight, waterproof unit. As you can see this unit is extremely versatile;) I am currently in a stage of evaluating some functions and try to find suitable chips. I have found the PIC16F15xx family has a small QFN case and allows for up to ten CCP modules to catch servo signals or generate some, also there are members that have 4 PWMs in a QFN20, almost ideally suited for the Body unit. But i have BascomAVR at hand, so if you can recommend some similar AVR chips, please do so. Also, i need ideas how to build the BECs. I have seen some cheap modules like KIS3R33, KIW3312S and KIM055L. Anybody can tell my if these are sufficient, and how to modify them?
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