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Wearable LED Controller

Status: Proposal
September 21, 2017 , Latest update: February 15, 2018
For a number of projects at home, I am developing an LED controller myself. The goal is to have everything in a package for small portable applications, so that the LED strips are powered and controlled by this controller. And this with only 2 AA batteries.

Everything is controlled with an Atmel Atmega32U4, and can be programmed with the USB port on the PCB.
I have developed my own version as an intern with Elektor. Tests are currently being carried out with 60 WS2812 5050 LEDs. A number of things will be adapted in the next version to improve functionality and power consumption.

And maybe there will be a powered version for larger applications.

Schematics and more info will be coming soon.
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  • Arduino Sketches (259.63 KB )
    A demo sketch and 2 separate sketches. Including Fastled library.

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