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WEB Elektor Bus, Webserver for the Elektor Bus

Status: Proposal
May 17, 2012
The new project Elektor Bus is an interesting domotica project. With the definition of a protocol, the PC program, the AndroPod and the nodes a lot is available at the moment. What lacks until now is a connection between the Elektor Bus and the internet. This project will present a solution with an old domotica friend; The Digibutler. - After the initial setup, no programming needed for network or bus matters - HTML pages easily modifiable - Use the debugging/status information/options on the COM port of the Digibutler - No hardware modification of the Digibutler, a small add-on PCB is used The Digibutler uses an SD-card to store the files of the website. On the same SD-card there are some configuration files. These are plain text files that easily configure many aspects of the Digibutler, like IP address, Gateway, MAC address, Users and Node Adresses. The values are read in at start-up. Changing the configuration files can be done by taking the SD-Card out of the Digibutler and put it in the PC, or use a FTP program, to change them live on the Digibutler.
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