Transmit wind and direction data by LoRa to a large digital display.

Wednesday night sailboat racing on Lake Ontario Canada can be a bit tricky at times. The weather can change in 20 min. Which sail to use?, How to set the course? Etc. Its an unknown entity, which I admit is part of the fun to get it right.

However, the electronics person in me would like to set up a wind speed and direction sensor out at the course markers, solar powered which are approximately 5 KM away from the Clubhouse and docks.
At the docks, in an outside environment but could be inside too. A large display would show the Wind speed in Knots and wind direction in Degrees. 
Accuracy for wind + or - .5 knots and wind direction accuracy + or _ 2 degrees.

The sensors on the course,  send current loop analog signal to an Arduino possibly which converts the signal to digital and sends it to a LoRa modem. 

At the dock, the LorA modem receives the data, sends it to an Arduino possibly and is displayed on a two-line LED . Wind speed in knots ( two digits) and wind direction in Degrees ( three digits)

I can do most of the assembly and construction, but not being very good at programming. and that is an understatement. I would have to rely on generous folks with programming skills to make it all work. 
Yours truly Tony G.