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YACL - Yet Another C & L Meter

Status: Proposal
February 20, 2013

YACL is an accurate capacitance and inductance meter specialized on small values in the range of 0.01 pF – 100 nF and 10 nH – 100 mH. The YACL implementation uses an Ardiuno Leonardo or Micro connected to the PC. Besides communication, the Arduino provides 5V power and drives an ATtiny2313 coprocessor via SPI. The coprocessor is used to setup the hardware and perform the measurements. The software runs as an app on the MCNF framework (see project MCNF Micro-Controller Networking Framework).
Remark: MCNF SystemLib must be upgraded to version 1130 by overwriting the MCNF SystemLib directory with the new version submitted with this project.

Further development ideas: I'm thinking of a version 2 that uses analog switches instead of relays and extends the measurement range to larger capacitance and inductance values. The LC meter as shown works very well for small L and C values and its measurement frequency of approx. 500-800KHz is well suited. For large L and C values, we would have to switch to a mode using a much lower frequency.


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