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Ioannis D. Kyriakidis
Ioannis D. Kyriakidis 18 hours ago
CPAP I think can make the base to build a ventilator machine just fine. You need of course valves, HEPA filters, oxygen,tank, full face mask and flexible tubes. Ioannis
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MadMike 20 hours ago
What about CPAP machines? Some of the sensing electronics is already in place
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H. Withagen
H. Withagen 22 hours ago
Great modification of the project. Just built it. I re-used the Elektor print but only put on the 10nf capacitors and the displays and hooked it up to a standalone ESP32-board. Works really great ! Thanks
Scrolling text display [160491]
tuecok 1 day ago
Yes, it only works with an ESPdevKit equipped with ESP-WROOM-Module ! All buttons are working now.
Environmental Monitoring System with ESP32
polli 1 day ago
Electrotechnicians say for a very long time that a pulsed dircet current is able to kill bacterias, viruses and tiny parasites. Schoolmedicine calls it quack science. As I don't think electronic peoplke are quack scientists, I wanted to prove the assertion. I took a water sample from a lake. As you sure know, there a a lot if tiny animals in a lake, observable under a microscope. I sent a 100 KHz signal into the water (10 Volt) and videoed it for 7 minutes. Then I made a timelapse of it, 7 minutes are sqeezed to 1 minute.  Hier you have the video: You can see all animals don't move anymore at the end of the video.  When you google "magnetic field sterilisation" you will find many papers regarding this topic, even a patent. Obviously bacterias know, when it is sterilisation, then they die. When it is cure for the illness, they do not die according to schollmedicine (sarcasm off) So maybe a squarewave generator helps you with corona,I don't know for sure, but I hope so. Just hold the 2 electrodes in your hands for 7 - 10 minutes. Use a frequency between 25 and 100 Khz.
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