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My First LoRaWAN

With Blue Pill, LoRa Breakout Board and The Things Network

My First LoRaWAN
The LoRa radio technique developed by Semtech covers data transmission combining long range and low energy consumption. This makes LoRa particularly suitable for networked sensors having to economize with their energy source. A popular and open network that can receive sensor data and make it available worldwide is called The Things Network. For initial experiments, a few small boards for little money are sufficient.
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Component list

Component List


All SMD 0805

C1 = 100nF 10%, X7R, 10V

C2 = 10µF 20%, X5R, 10V



K1,K2 = 8-pin SIL pinheader, 0.1'' pitch

MOD1 = RFM95W LoRa Transceiver Module, see "4 Sale @ www.elektor.com" box

PCB no. 191069-1, see "4 Sale @ www.elektor.com" box


-035 and -036

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