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disco lights controller

disco lights controller
disco lights controller elektor september 1981 — 9-29 It would appear to some that the essential ingredients of enjoyment for the younger generation consist mainly of company, noise ... and coloured lights, with plenty of each. This is not entirely true, of course, but a disco light system goes a long way towards enabling the junior members of the family to entertain their friends on those nights that ten teenagers manage to sound like fifty. The main features of the system de- scribed here are its safety, and its high performance at relatively low cost. A further advantage lies in the fact that, unlike many designs for disco lights controllers, there are none of those fearful coils to wind. With economy in disco lights rontroller It seems that parties are out and disco"s are in with the younger set and it goes without saying that the most successful disco"s are those that copy the "real thing" in terms of presentation. This means that a "light show" is an absolute must. The dis...
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