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Remote control ICs MV500 and MV601 (Plessey Semiconductors)

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
Remote control ICs MV500 and MV601 (Plessey Semiconductors)
Two integrated circuits from Plessey, the MV500 transmitter and the MV601 receiver, allow remote control systems to be built from a minimurrt of components. The two ICs have been used already in a number of projects carried in this magazine (Refs. I, 2). The infra-red remote controls described there are reliable, marked by low cost, a low component count, and the absence of quartz crystals and adjustable lnductors. Note, however, that the MV601 receiver requires one IC, an SL486, to be added when used to build an infra-red remote contral system.
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