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Simple and adaptable logic

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
Simple and adaptable logic
A problem with standard logic as implemented in the 7400 series of integrated circuits is that, since the approach is functional, there is a natural tendency to organize any system into levels-a kind of nested hierarchieal structure results. But suppose the requirement is more unilevel and free-wheeling-suppose true statements are chasing each other round in a loop in a system intended to have a use as associative memory in artificial intelligence applications, some expressed positively: 'all ships are intended far use in water' and same negatively: 'no normally conducting useful circuits are short circuits', then any hierarchical approach to analysing what can follow from statements Iike these will confound the flexibility of the system by deciding the functional pattern of logical analysis at the outset. The logic suggested in this article, being relational, not functional, gets round this.
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