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Smart SCART box

Smart SCART box
A problem occurs when you have a comfortable chair, a satellite TV tuner with only one SCART connector, and two decoders, also with only one SCART (loop-through) connection. Such a situation exists, for instance, in a setup consisting of a Pace 800rd Sat-TV receiver, a Luxcrypt RTL4/5 decoder, and a D2MAC decoder (for TV Plus). Although small SCART boxes are available commercially to connect three SCART apparatures, manual switching is then required, in this case, between the Luxcrypt and the D2MAC decoder. Obviously, anything to do with manual switching is a drag in this day and age of channel hopping and remote controls, whence the present unit, which selects the actuated decoder automatically, without the need to get out of your chair and flick a switch.
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