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PC Soundcard as AF analyser (part 1)

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
PC Soundcard as AF analyser (part 1)
An ordinary PC with a 16-bit sound card is turned into an excellent audio-frequency measurlng system, at a very small outlay, just by running some clever software. Applications of the PC-controlled AF analyser include measuring frequency and phase response of amplifiers, filters and, in particular, loudspeaker I cross-overs. But that's not all because the analyser also enables you to determine the impedance of loudspeakers, the inductance of coils, or the capacitance of capacitors. A noticeable feaure of the analyser is its wide measuring range, for instance, from 50pH to 100pH for inductors, and 100 pF to 100,000pF for capacitors.
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