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BASIC Stamp programming course (6)

introducing the FSM concept

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
The Parallax Boe-Bot, or Board of Education Robot is a simple robot made from a Parallax Board of Education (BoE) mounted on an aluminium frame to which two Futaba hobby servos are mounted. These servos have been modified to provide continuous motion and have several speeds at which they will turn.The BoE has a small prototyping area on which several experiments can be done. In order to realize the fascinating potential the BoE-Bot has to demonstrate robotic behaviours, you will need to know how to program it! In this and the following instalments I will explain how to make the robot move randomly, or purposely, how to seek out or avoid bright light and how to avoid objects. I will also explain how to program your BoE-Bot in such a manner that all of these functions seem to be operating at the same time.Further, I will show you can get behaviours from your robot that you didn’t even program in to it!
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