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GBDSO Gameboy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (2)

PC link, DSOGrab, construction and testing

GBDSO Gameboy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (2)
The PC Link InterfaceData may be transferred from the GB to a standard PC computer via a link lead, which connects the GB link port to the PC printer port. The associated software utility to run on the PC is called ‘DSOGrab’ and may be obtained on floppy disk (see Software Items inset). The GB link port is in fact a serial data port but unfortunately the data format is nonstandard and therefore has to be read as a data stream by the PC and converted back into byte format. The connections of the GB link port are shown in Figure 7.All outputs and inputs to the GB link port are TTL compatible and can be connected directly to the PC printer port. Extra care must be taken when wiring the link lead to make sure all the connections are correct as errors could cause permanent damage to the GB or PC ports. The loop-back connection between pins 4 and 11 is used to test if the software can see the connector and is used for fault diagnoses.
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Component list
All components SMA (surface mount assembly)
SMD case 0805, 0.1 watt
R1,R2,R4,R8,R9,R11 = 1M? 1%
R15 = 15k?
R5,R12 = 470k? 1%
R3,R6,R7,R10,R13,R14 = 4k?7 1%
R16,R17 = 100k? 1%
P1,P2 = 100k? preset
SMD case 0805
C1,C10 = 18pF NP0
C2,C4,C5,C8,C9,C11,C12,C14,C17-C21,C23,C27,C29,C30 = 100nF
C3,C13 = 1pF8 NP0
C6,C15 = 15pF NP0
C7,C16 = 220pF NP0
Electrolytic capacitors
SMD Case A
C22,C24,C25,C26,C28,C31,C33 = 10µF 16V
L1,L2,L3 = 100µH
D1,D2 = BAV199 (print on case: JY)
D3 = ZR25D01 (print on case: 25R)
IC1,IC3 = MC33182D (Motorola)
IC2 = DS1267S100 (Dallas Semiconductor)
IC4 = MAX114CAG (Maxim)
IC5 = 74HC175D
IC6 = 74HC138D
IC7 = AT27C256R-12JC in PLCC44 case (programmed, Publishers’ order code 996528-1) (Atmel)
IC9 = MAX828EUK (print on case: AABI) (Maxim)
S1,S2 = ‘’Secme’ slide switch, 1 changeover contact, PCB mount
K1,K2 = 3.5mm PCB mount stereo socket (make sure it fits the board)
PCB, Publishers’ order code 990082-1
Disk, Publishers’ order code 996035-1
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