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PAL TV Pattern Generator

prototype board layout using a PC

PAL TV Pattern Generator
In spite of digital television, an analogue test pattern generator is still part of the basic equipment of every electronics technician who works with television and video signals.This device is an extension of the PAL Test Pattern Generator published in the January 1993 issue of Elektor Electronics. The GAL and the two counter ICs that were used at that time have been replaced by an EPLD with 64 I/O cells. The generator produces two test patterns: a colour bar pattern with a grid and a red microgrid. These are adequate for checking all important settings, such as picture position, picture geometry, convergence, grey balance, colour purity, colour and focus. In contrast to the original project, the generator described here includes a UHF modulator, so that the test signal can be fed to the television set not only via the video input sockets, but also via the antenna socket.
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