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Stand-Alone MP3 Players

a new lease of life for the old PC

MP3 players are now in the shops in assorted colours and varieties, with different price tags, from small Walkman-like players using solid-state memories to full-blown CD players for use in the living room.Cramming a CD-R with MP3 files is an excellent way of ensuring many hours of listening pleasure. But the real joy is, of course, found in playing home-burned CDs on a home-made MP3 CD player.MP3 music files are compressed in such a way that they are easily transferred via a relatively slow medium like the Internet. Not surprisingly, MP3 gained its popularity entirely from the Internet. Thanks to the excellent sound quality offered by MP3 files, this particular file format has also become popular on equipment other than the PC. The arrival of portable stand-alone MP3 players gave the format a considerable boost.
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