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Upgrading to the 68HC12 16-bitmicrocontroller (1)

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Upgrading to the 68HC12 16-bitmicrocontroller (1)
The application of microcontrollers on the other side of the 8-bit boundary often seems like a closed book. Here we show that it can actually be fairly easy to start working with such microcontrollers — it’s not even necessary to be an accomplished ‘HC11 programmer!Circuits using microcontrollers are very flexible, and they enjoy a correspondingly high level of popularity. The Motorola 68HC11 family has for years been one of the favourites for hobby applications. These 8-bit microcontrollers have an easily understood internal structure and can be readily programmed via an RS232 link. The HC11 fan club has grown over the years, and the number of published designs has also increased (see Literature). However, these days the HC11 has become somewhat technically obsolescent. New application areas demand controllers that are more flexible and that have more processing power.
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