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LED Thermometer

Dallas sensor IC and COP8 microcontroller

LED Thermometer
The project presented here provides a novel form of temperature display. Its appearance makes it an ideal add-on to the ‘Rhine Tower Clock’ and will certainly attract attention.At the heart of the circuit is a National Semiconductor COP8782 microcontroller, as has already been used in Elektor Electronics projects like the Running Text Display (PC Topics Supplement, February 2000). The microcontroller reads temperature data from a sensor IC made by Dallas Semiconductor, which has also been seen before in Elektor Electronics projects (‘Temperature Measurements with the DS1621’ and ‘DS1621 Datasheet’, both in the March 2000 issue). A DS1621 programmer was published in the February 2001 issue.The microcontroller also has the job of displaying the measured value on 32 multiplexed LEDs.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1-R8,R11,R12 = 220W
R9 = 100kW
R10 = 2kW 7
C1 = 82pF
C2,C3 = 100nF
C4 = 100m F 16V radial
D1-D29 = LED, high efficiency, red
D30,D31,D32 = LED, high efficiency, yellow
D33 = 1N4148
IC1 = DS1621 (Dallas Semiconductor) (Farnell # 760-704)
IC2 = COP8782-CN, programmed, order code 000125-41
IC3,IC4 = 74HCT244
IC5 = 7805
PC1,PC2 = solder pins
PCB, order code 000125-1
Disk, COP8 source code file, order code 000125-11
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