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DMX512 Revealed

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DMX512 Revealed
Since the very beginning, Elektor Electronics has tried to help its readers profit from new technologies by means of original and professional circuits. In that tradition, we are presenting a series of circuits (DMX to voltage and MIDI to DMX) that are specifically intended to be used to control lighting systems for theatres, discos and outdoor events — all based on the DMX512 system.The DMX512 system, which is already well known to those who are professionally involved in theatre lighting, is beginning to find widespread use. The objective of this article is to take a look behind the scenes with regard to the various technical aspects of this connection protocol, after first briefly reviewing the history of remote control techniques for lighting systems.Once upon a time…Starting with the appearance of the first theatres in ancient times, lighting has played an important role. In Roman and Greek ruins, it can be clearly seen that even then, architects took the ‘technical’ aspects into consideration.
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