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Introduction to TCP/IP & Embedded Internet (1)

learn about remote control via the Internet

What has been for some time possible with a ‘big’ system can now also be realised with a small system: microcontrollers have become Internetcapable, since they have learned how to ‘speak’ TIC/IP. In this article, the author first describes a few important fundamentals of Internet communications that are relevant to our target application.For years, the control and monitoring of complex systems and processes from a central control station has been a standard and proven practice. In the present era of highspeed global networking, the increasingly smaller role played by spatial separation can be regarded as fully logical. Nowadays, all-encompassing data networks at local and global levels are part of the infrastructure of every modern industrial society. For a long time already, data lines have been used to link travel agencies to airlines, ticket agencies to promoters and information systems to their operators, although this is not always externally evident.
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