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ISAC (2)

the ISAC Cube

ISAC (2)
This cube is the basic module of the Elektor Electronics ISAC (Intelligent Sensor/Actuator Controller) project and includes a compact core system using an Analog Devices ADuC812 MicroConverter, which was described in last month’s introductory instalment. The tiny SMD circuit board can be used like a large IC in an application circuit or in the prototype board presented here.The ISAC cube is a flexible and modular microcontroller system for both simple and complex applications. Producing a plug-in circuit board allows easy upgrades to existing applications by simply exchanging the cube for a newer one, if and when Analog Devices bring out new devices in the MicroConverter series with enhanced facilities.As can be seen from a glance at the picture of the circuit board of the ISAC cube, only a very few components are required to construct a minimal ADuC812-based system. The biggest problem is fitting the Micro-Converter device itself, with its many pins; this problem can be solved by obtaining the SMD circuit board with components already fitted.
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Component list
(case shapes in brackets)
R11 = 1?6 (SMD 1206)
R0-R7 = 56? (SMD 0603)
R10 = 270? (SMD 0603)
R8 = 1k? (SMD 0603)
R9 = 10k? (SMD 0603)
C12,C13 = 33pF (SMD 0603)
C0-C7 = 10nF (SMD 0603)
C8,C9,C10,C14,C15,C16,C19,C23 = 100nF (SMD 0603)
C26 = not fitted
C17,C21,C25 = 100nF (SMD 1206)
C18,C22 = 330nF (SMD 1206)
C11,C20,C24 = 10µF (SMD 1206)
L1 = 100µH (SMD 1206)
IC1 = ADµC812 (LPQF-52)
IC2 = ADM707 (SOIC-8)
IC3 = ADM101E (µSOIC-1)
IC4 = ADP3335 (MSOP8)
D1 = BAV21 0.25 A (lead pitch 5mm)
D2 = LED, red, 3mm (lead pitch 2.5mm)
Q1 = 11.0592MHz quartz crystal (HC-49/U)
T1, T2 = PCB mount pushbutton, make contact, 6x6mm
X1, X2, J1 = 15-way SIL pinheader, 2.5mm lead pitch
X3, X4 = 36- way double-row pinheader, 2.5mm lead pitch
simplest version
R-Net = 8-way 10k? SIL array
X5,X6,X7,X8A,X11,X12,X13 = PCB screw terminal block, 47-way, one row, lead pitch 5mm
X9 = Sub-D plug (male), 9-way, angled pins, PCB mount
X10 = Sub-D socket (female), 9-way, angled pins, PCB mount
X8 = jack socket, 3.5 mm, mono, PCB mount
15-way SIL pinheader
36-way pinheader (double row)
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