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Microcontroller Basics Course (4)

the READS51 C compiler

Anyone who seriously intends to work with microcontrollers must sooner or later use the C programming language. In this final instalment of the Microcontroller Basics course, we use the READS51 C compiler from Rigel.Up to now we have used assembler and BASIC-52 as programming languages in the Microprocessor Basics Course. Now it’s time to work with C, using a compiler that can be selected and downloaded from the following Internet address: http://www.rigelcorp.com/8051soft.htm The relevant files to fetch are SetupReads51.exe and Reads51.pdf. A C complier translates a source text into pure machine code, in contrast to a Basic interpreter, which only generates intermediate code that must interpreted and executed at run time. C is thus many times faster than Basic.
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