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Oscilloscope and Function Generator for the PC

test equipment with Centronics interface

Oscilloscope and Function Generator for the PC
Many readers are undoubtedly familiar with the company name Velleman, because of their electronics kits. Their range of products encompasses a wider range however; several different types of test equipment are also available. We subjected two such instruments to closer scrutiny: a digital storage oscilloscope and a function generator for the PC.As already mentioned in the introduction, the name Velleman is practically synonymous with well thought out electronics kits dirtributed through a wide network of electronics retailers. But the product range hasn’t been limited to kits for a considerable time now. The assortment is very extensive and just about anything that is remotely related to electronics can be supplied, from disco mirror balls to right up to advanced test equipment. It is from the latter category that we will examine a couple of instruments a little bit closer.
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