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IR Receiver for the I2C Bus

A commonly encountered problem is that the code sent by an infrared transmitter cannot be evaluated by a microcontroller directly on being received, due to the fact that the microcontroller is busy with something else at the time or is simply too slow to sample the signal at a rate sufficient to achieve an error-tolerant evaluation. In such cases, a helpful solution is to use a Philips SAA3049 infrared television decoder, which is still available as an NOS (new old stock) item although it is no longer being manufactured.
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Extra info / Update
In the upper right hand part of the circuit diagram, the names of the I2C bus lines have been transposed and should be corrected as follows:SDA on pin 15 of IC1SCL on pin 14 of IC1INT on pin 19 of IC2It should be noted that the SAA3049 is no longer produced by Philips Components.
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