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Printing PCB Artwork

Make clever use of the Clipboard

Printing PCB Artwork
Practically all PCB layouts that have been printed in this magazine are currently also available on the Elektor Electronics website in pdf-format. Using these, it is easy to make a printout on film in order to expose and etch a PCB yourself. Unfortunately, printing the image at the correct size is often problematic to say the least. That’s why we give a number of useful tips and hints in this article so that you can print the PCB layout at the correct size and in the right place on paper or film.Practically all PCB layouts that are printed in Elektor Electronics are currently also available on our website in the form of pdf (Acrobat Reader) documents. With these it is easy to use your printer to make a printout on film and subsequently use this to expose and then etch a PCB.
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