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ATV Picture Generator

With high resolution

ATV Picture Generator
This test chart generator was originally designed to display high-resolution pictures on amateur television (ATV) for station identification, but of course it can also be used to generate any other test pattern. These can be downloaded into the generator using the serial port on a computer.From the above description, you can gather that this is a general-purpose circuit. The only restriction of the test chart generator is that it only has limited support for generating multi-burst signals.The generator has a resolution of 625 × 576 pixels in high-resolution mode and 625 × 288 pixels in lowresolution mode with 32768 colours.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1,R10,R19 = 18k?
R2,R7,R8,R9,R11,R16,R17,R18,R20,R25,R26,R27 = 1k?2
R3,R12,R21,R31 = 10k?
R4,R13,R22 = 220k?
R5,R14,R23,R36,R37,R38 = 4k?7
R6,R15,R24 = 100?
R28 = 47k?
R29 = 180k? 1%
R30 = 33k? 1%
R32,R35 = 100k?
R33 = 470?
R34 = 3k?3
R39,R42,R43 = 75?
R40,R41 = 1k?
P1,P2,P3 = 1?k preset
C1 = 39pF
C2 = 47pF
C3,C4 = 27pF
C5-C11,C16-C21,C23,C24,C33,C34,C36,C37 = 100nF
C12-C15,C27-C29 = 10µF 63V radial
C22 = 100µF 25V radial
C25,C26,C35 = 220µF 25V radial
C30,C32 = 10-30pF trimmer
C31 = 22µF 40V radial
D1,D2 = 1N4004
D3 = 1N4148
D4 = BAT85
IC1,IC2 = K6T4008C1C-DB70 (CMOS SRAM, 32-DIP, 512k*8, 70ns) (Samsung)
IC3 = AT90S8515-8PC, programmed, order code 020295-41
IC4 = AT90S1200-12PC, programmed, order code 020295-42
IC5 = ST232CN (ST) (MAX232 compatible)
IC6,IC8 = 7805
IC7 = AD724JR (16-Lead SOIC!) (Analog Devices)
IC9-IC13 = 74HC163
IC14,IC15 = 74HC574
IC16 = 74HC00
IC17 = 74HC02
T1 = BC547C
T2 = BC557B
BT1 = 3V Lithium button cell (e.g., CR2032) with PCB mount holder (dia. 22.75mm)
K1 = 9-way sub-D socket (female), PCB mount
K2,K3,K4 = 5-way SIL-pinheader
K5 = S-VIDEO 4-way or 6-way mini-DIN-socket (female), PCB mount
K6 = cinch socket, PCB mount, e.g., T-709G (Monacor/Monarch)
K7 = 2-way PCB terminal block, lead pitch 5mm
X1 = 12MHz quartz crystal (parallel resonance, Cload = 30pF)
X2 = 7.3728MHz quartz crystal (parallel resonance, Cload = 30pF)
X3 = 4.433619MHz quartz crystal (series resonance, Cload = 30 pF)
Not on PCB:
2 high-efficiency LEDs
Pushbutton, 1 make contact
PCB available via ThePCBShop
Disk, PC software, source- & hex-code: order code 020295-11 or Free Download
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