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Reflow Solder Controller

Soldering SMDs in an ordinary electric oven

Reflow Solder Controller

the January 2006 issue we described in some detail how you could build your own reflow oven using an inexpensive electric oven. That article resulted in many enthusiastic comments from our readers, which confirmed to us that there was a lot of interest in such a project. In this issue we present a completely new version of the control electronics for a DIY SMD oven. It is even available as a kit of parts, making the construction easy provided you know your bit about electrical safety regulations.

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Extra info / Update

18 January 2008: added project software as a free download

11 February 2008: added User Guide as a free download


Component list


Reflow Controller

Elektor, December 2007.





R1 = 10k SMD 0805

R2,R3 = array, 8x10k, SIL

R4..R6 = 33Ω SMD 0805

R7,R8 = 1M SMD 0805



C1,C5,C7,C18 = 100nF SMD 0805

C2 = 10μF / 20V SMD 1210

C3,C4 = 22pF SMD 0805

C6 = 100 μF / 6V3 SMD 1210

C8..C10 = 1 μF / 20V SMD 1812

C17 = 1000 μF / 25V (e.g. Panasonic EEV-FK1E102Q)



D1,D2 = BASS116

D3 = KBP2005G

IC1 = AT89S8253-24AU (DIY programming!)

IC2 = MAX6675ISA4 = 78M05CKTPR

IC5 = TLV2217-33KPTR

T1..T4 = FDV301N



K5 = 5-polige SIL pinheader

K6 = connector FCI HFW24R-1STE1LF

K7 = connector Molex 52207-2485

K8,K9 = 3-way PCB terminal block, 5mm lead pitch

LCD1 = Displaytech 64128G-RGB

Re1,Re2 = Omron G2RL-1A-CF-DC5

S1-S4 = ITT KSL pushbutton

Tr1 = mains transformer 230VAC, Pulse type BV042-5190.0

X1 = 12MHz quartz crystal (Citizen CS10-12.000MABJ-UT)

Thermocouple (e.g. Distrelec 24 01 76)

IEC mains appliance socket with fuseholder

Mains socket for national standard

Cable flat flex 24-pos 1mm 2" (Digikey # WM10009-ND)

Mono audio socket, 3.5mm (e.g. CUI MJ-3536)

Mono audio plug 3.5mm  (e.g. CUI MP-2501)

Enclosure (e.g. Hammond 1598BSGYPBK)

Mounting materials (bolts, nuts, spacers, etc.)

Mains switch 230VAC 16A

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