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  • Published in issue 4/2008 on page 40
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ATM18 AVR Board

ATM18 AVR Board

Small but perfectly formed

This new series of articles presents a tiny processor module based on an ATmega88 microcontroller, ideal for use at the heart of any number of different projects. We begin with a reaction time tester and quickly move on to more advanced projects such as a precision weather station and a 3D magnetometer. Each application example provides an easy-to-understand demonstration of how to work with AVR microcontrollers.
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ATM18 controller module
Resistors (SMD 805)
R1 = 10 Ohm

R2 = 10k
Capacitors (SMD 805)
C1,C2,C3 = 4µF7 6.3 V (Farnell # 922-7857)
C4,C5 = 22pF
IC1 = ATmega88 (TQFP32 case), Atmel)
Q1 = 16MHz quartz crystal, SMD (7mm x 5mm)
3x 8-way pinheader, 2mm lead pitch
1x 5-way pinheader, 2mm lead pitch
PCB, ref. 071035-1 (track layouts free download from
PCB, ready populated with SMDs, tested, including pinheaders, Elektor-Shop # 071035-91

ATM18 test board
Resistors (SMD 805)
R1 = 10 Ohm

R2,R4,R6,R8,R10…R13 = 330 Ohm

R3,R5,R7,R9 = 10k

C1,C2,C3 = 47µF 16V (SMD7343-43, Farnell # 498-762)
C4,C5,C6 = 4µF7 6.3 V (SMD 805, Farnell # 922-7857)

L1 = 100µH (SMD2220, Epcos # B82442A1104K)
D1,D2 = MBRS130 (BYS10), DO214-AC (Farnell # 995587)
LED1 = SMD0603-LED, green (Farnell # 852-9833)
LED2-LED8 = SMD0603 LED, red (Farnell # 852-9868)
IC1 = LM2594-5.0, SO8 (National Semiconductor)
IC2 = ULN2003AD, SO16
K1 = mains adapter socket, PCB mount, Lumberg NEB21R (Farnell # 1217037)
K2 = SIL pinheader, 6-way, angled pins
K3 = SIL socket pinstrip, 7-way
K4 = SIL socket pinstrip, 8-way
K5 = SIL socket pinstrip, 9-way
K6 = SIL socket pinstrip, 5-way
K7 = double-row pinheader, 6-way,
K8 = double -row pinheader, 16-way
K9 = SIL pinheader, 5-way
K10 = SIL socket pinstrip, 7-way
K11 = SIL pinheader, 7-way
K12 = socket pinstrip, 3-way
JP1, JP2 = pinheader, 2-way
JP6 = pinheader, 3-way
SW1-SW4 = pushbutton, SPNO-B3S series, Omron (Farnell # 118-1016)
PCB, ref. 071035-2, track layouts free download from
SMD-populated board and all parts, # 071035-92 from the Elektor Shop