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Simple Low Cost Square Wave Generator & Tester

This square wave generator and tester is based on audio amplifier chip type TBA820M. It is presented as a design idea for further refinement and optimizing of component values by way of experiment. The circuit has five frequency ranges covering <0.1 Hz to >70 kHz. It will be found useful for testing cables, communication equipment, electrical interfaces, loudspeakers, headphones, electrical bulbs, transformers, LEDs, couplers, inductors, buzzers, ultrasonic equipment, etc. or wherever you need a signal in the range from below 0.1 Hz to 25 kHz and up with controlled frequency, amplitude and drive capacity.
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Issued: June 27, 2011.

The circuit diagram should have a link between the +VEE rail and the D5-[IC1 pin 6]-R3-D2 rail.

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