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Kill noisy TV commercials with one stroke


You must know the feeling: you’re watching a great movie and all of a sudden a commercial comes blasting into the room. Your instinctive response is to turn down the sound or press the mute button – but where’s the zapper?

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Gerber file

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Elektor recommends its business partner Eurocircuits as the company of choice for its own prototypes and volume production in selected cases.

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The BOM (Bill of Materials) is the technically exhaustive listing of parts and other hardware items used to produce the working and tested prototype of any Elektor Labs project. The BOM file contains deeper information than the Component List published for the same project in Elektor Magazine. If required the BOM gets updated directly by our lab engineers. As a reader, you can download the list here.
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Component list

R1,R2 = 10kOhm
R3 = 1MOhm
R4 = 1kOhm
R5 = 470Ohm
R6 = 22Ohm 0.25W
R7 = 330Ohm 0.25W
C1,C2 = 100nF
D1 = 3V 0.375W zener diode (SOD123F)
D2 = LED, low current, red, 3mm
D3 = IR-LED, 5mm (e.g. Vishay TSUS5202)
T1 = BC847 (SOT23)
IC1 = PIC12F1822-I/SN (SOIC8)
IR receiver module, 36kHz (e.g. TSOP34836)
K1,K2,S1 = 2-pin pinheader, pitch 0.1 in. (2.5mm)
K3 = 3- pin pinheader, pitch 0.1 in. (2.5mm)
K4 = 6- pin pinheader, pitch 0.1 in. (2.5mm)
Piezo buzzer (e.g. Kingstate KPEG165)
Pushbutton with make contact, panel mount
2 AA or AAA batteries with holder, or 3-V button cell
PCB # 120277-1

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