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TAPIR Sniffs it Out!

Ultrasensitive wideband E-smog detector

Based on a Labs project | April 2016 | Find it here
TAPIR Sniffs it Out!
This electrosmog sleuth offers you two extra senses to track down noise that’s normally inaudible. TAPIR also makes a nice project to build: the kit comprises everything you need — even the enclosure, ingeniously consisting of made from the PCB proper.
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Erroneously ‘R2’ is used two times in the schematics printed in the magazine. The bottom one (next to R4, labeled as 100k) should be named ‘R1’.

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Component list
Resistors (SMD 0805)
R1,R4 = 100kOhm
R2,R3 = 10kOhm
R5 = 1kOhm
C1 = 10nF 50V, SMD 0805
C2,C3,C4 = 10µF 25V, SMD 1206
D1 = BAT54S
T1 = BSR17A
T2,T3 = BC847B
K1 = RCA socket, SMT
K2 = mini jack SMT, CIU
S1 = switch, JS102011SAQN
PCB #120354-1, see [1]
Battery spring
Two PCB pillars, M2×6
Two Phillips screws, M2×6
Two RCA connectors
Two pieces of installation wire, approx. 20 cm (8 inch)
One inductor coil (H-field antenna)
A kit consisting of the PCB and all the needed parts (AAA cell excluded) is available from Elekto, order no. 120354-71.

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