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Slow-Start Stabilizer

Slow-Start Stabilizer
Your everyday 7805 regulator is not the best choice for powering accurate measurement circuits and A/D converters, mainly because it generates too much noise and exhibits spurious behavior at power on. The circuit described here meets all conditions mentioned and can easily serve as a replacement for an ordinary 7805
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Component list
Resistors (SMD 1206)
R1 = 3.3kOhm
R2 = 3.09kOhm
R3 = 2.2kOhm
R4 = 1kOhm
C1,C4 = 100nF (SMD 1206)
C2 = 470nF (SMD 1210)
C3 = 10µF 16V (SMD 1210)
C5 = 22µF 10V (SMD 2312)
D1,D2 = LL4148
D3 = LED, low current, shape 1206
D4 = LL4150
IC1 = MIC2941AWU TR (TO-263)
EMI suppression filter type DSS6NE52A222Q55B (Murata)
PCB # 130173-1, see [1]

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