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Next Month in Elektor
FPGA Extension Board Since its publication back in December 2012 thousands of readers have used the Elektor FPGA board to delve into the possibilities of programmable logic. This tiny board does not have any peripheral circuitry, but that’s redressed with the presentation of an expansion board that contains a comprehensive set of peripheral components such as an LCD, various buttons and LEDs, an A/D converter, an RGB color sensor, a pressure sensor, a temperature sensor and a GPS module. Intelligent Network Tester Faultfinding in an Ethernet network installed at home or in the office is not always easy. In such cases our Network Tester comes in handy. The design is compact and consists mainly of a single microcontroller and an Ethernet connector. Three LEDs on the board show whether a correct cable connection is available. The same for the presence of an Internet gateway, and if you are actually connected to the Internet. A good alternative to expensive commercial network analyzers! DSP Entry-Level Board In contrast with the announcement in the November 2013 printed edition, publication of this article is deferred to the January & February 2014 double edition.
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