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CPLD Breakout Board in DIL Format

For programmable logic projects

CPLD Breakout Board in DIL Format
CPLDs tend to have a large number of pins practically inaccessible to the soldering iron and so do not lend themselves readily to use in homelab and experimental projects. The BoB described here brings out the connections to header sockets, allowing you to use the CPLD as easily as a DIL IC on prototyping boards or straight in prototypes.
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Component list
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160425-1 PCB, bare
160425-91 PCB, assembled and tested

Component List
Default: 1%, SMD0603
R1–R18,R25–R43 = 50Ohm (75Ohm) optional (see text)
R40–R43 = 270Ohm
R19 = 10kOhm optional
R20,R21,R22 = 2kOhm
R23,R24,R44,R45 = 10kOhm
Default: 25V
C1 = 10µF, SMD1206
C2,C3,C4 = 10µF, SMD0805
C5–C8,C10–C18 = 100nF, SMD0603
C9 = 2.2µF, SMD0805
D1 = 40V, 1A Schottky diode, (Vishay VS-10MQ040-M3/5AT)
LED1= green (Kingbright KP-2012CGCK)
IC1 = LT1117CST-3.3 (Linear Technology)
IC2 = EPM570T100C5N (Altera) (see text)
X1 = 40MHz oscillator module, 50ppm, SMD 7x5mm (TXC 7W-40.000MBB-T)
K1,K2 = 36-way (2x18) header socket, 0.1" pitch
K3 = 12-way (2x6) header socket, 0,1" pitch
K4 = 10-pin (2x5) boxheader, 0.1" pitch
PCB 160425-1
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