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Joint intelligence, best intelligence

Joint intelligence, best intelligence
Besides the usual blend of information, inspiration, exhortation and perspiration — the latter easily traced down to certain authors and editors — this edition of ElektorLabs magazine bestows an accessible article by Elektor Ethics columnist Tessel Renzenbrink about artificial intelligence (AI) and some of the things we most want to do with it. AI is a fascinating subject, also in terms of hardware, and is likely to get more coverage in Elektor in the near future. As indicated in Tessel's article, AI in its current incarnation and limiting ourselves to mimicking basic human skills, has not reached the level of becoming a threat to humans. ‘Threat’ as in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssee, where a computer called HAL◦9000 is capable of murdering to conceal its own mistakes. Applying some light human intelligence (L-HI), has anyone ever noticed that alphabetically, each of the three letters in the name ‘HAL’ is one position before those in ‘IBM’? [more]
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